Societies and violence

stop child sex tourism

Stockholm conference against child sexual abuse

Libération, Les Enfants du Monde – France

child labour

Child labour in Peru, Pakistan, India, Madagascar 


societies influences by narcos

How narco’s values are deeply influencing societies

Sources – Unesco (in English and French)

Arm sellers

Arms sellers: who are they?

Actuel – France


Mediation against violence

Courrier de l’UNESCO


Leaving addiction for good?

Interdépendances – France

timbre La vida loca

central America’s gangs

Rue89-NouvelObs – France

photo Päul Schaefer

Ex-nazi and pedophyl Paul Schafer dies in Chile

Rue89-NouvelObs – France

Roms de Nanterre © Leonardo Antoniadis

Tziganes in Nanterre: how nomadic people live in France

Libération – France

timbre L'Enfer livre Chili

Chile: a book about how a victime becomes a torturer

Rue89-NouvelObs – France