Indigenous Peoples

Bolivia justice communautaire ©Le Gouill

Bolivia: Native people justice’s recognition and power

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Lucas Bridges Nevicata 2020

A life in ‘Tierra del Fuego’, Lucas Bridges
(Nevicata, 2010)

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timbre peuples disparus Patagonie

in Chile:
Finding traces of extincted people

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timbre livre Marchante

A book written by spanish historian about Genocide of Patagonian indigenous people

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© Stéphane Herbert Marcelina Mapuche

Mapuche, chilean native people and their relation with the State. Justice and recognition

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timbre leader Bagua Peru

Peru-Bagua, come back of indigenous leadership representing 1350 communities

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timbre Ona film Anne Chapman

Death of Anne Chapman, specialist of Patagonian people

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timbre mapuche health

Chile, Mapuche principal native people, health cosmovision

Médecine douce – France

timbre colonos Sanhueza

« Colonos » : a book from Leo Sanhueza, deep into the chilean identity

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